Luxury products are often handcrafted and use the finest materials, designs and craftsmanship. They need to be handled with care to be enjoyed for a lifetime. Despite one’s best efforts however, over time a bag, wallet or clutch is likely to get dirty or stained. We have compiled here for you a basic manual, a short list of ‘Do’s and Don’ts' to help you take care of your special possession.



Take extra care of white or light coloured bags as they are harder to clean.

Store your bag in its original dust bag, and in a cool, dry place. If you do not have the dust bag, a white cotton pillow case is a good substitute. Keep the bag standing so that it retains its original shape.


It is always a good practice to avoid direct, intense and prolonged exposure to heat, sunlight, rain, humidity and permanent dyes.Such exposure could stain tanned leather or may cause it to become dry and dull looking.

Do not overload your bag. Also, avoid bringing it into contact with greasy, sticky or coloured items that may cause colour transference. It’s best to keep makeup, perfumes, creams and lotions in a separate pouch which can then be placed in the bag.



Maintain your bag by cleaning it regularly with a soft, non-abrasive dry cloth to remove any surface dirt that may have accumulated. Rub the leather gently in a circular motion.

You can use a leather moisturizer as well to keep the leather from getting dry. Brand-specific leather cleaners and moisturizers as well as generic products are available online.

Use a nail brush to clean the nooks and crannies of your bag as well as the zippers.
Remember to clean the base and straps of your bag too as these areas pick up dirt, moisture and sweat easily.

Inspect the inside of your bag to check for any spots or stains caused by makeup, pens, perfumes or any other wet or greasy substances, and clean them as soon as possible.

Prevention is better than cure and one way to avoid stains from becoming stubborn is to carry a soft, clean cloth or baby wipes in your bag at all times. This will help you wipe off stains and smudges while they are still loose.

In the event that your handbag gets soiled, use a leather cleaner or gentle baby wash liquid. Baby wipes are a good option too. Test the cleaning liquid on an inconspicuous spot before moving on to the rest of the bag.


Avoid using regular detergents and soaps as they could be harsh.

Avoid harsh scrubbing or scouring. Always clean gently using a clean, soft fabric or a soft sponge.

Do no use too much water or cleaning solution as that could leave unwanted smudges. Wipe the bag thoroughly with a dry, soft cloth and air dry it in the shade. Avoid direct sunlight. Moisturize your bag after cleaning to prevent it from drying out.